Young Rider Rising Stars Results From Cobblestone Farm

June 27 -28, 2020
Congratulations to the following Young Riders who won medals as listed below:

Preliminary Open
Gold               Cierra Daratony      Rio De Janeiro
Silver              Kiersten Miller         Mama Mia

Training Open
Gold               Cierra Daratony      Satin Revelry
Silver              Lauren Tucker         Lopster
Bronze           Laura Stepic             El Rayito

Training Rider
Gold               Bethany Randolph              Miss Bumblebee
Silver              Ella Spiers                             Sky’s The Limit
Bronze           Carolyn Randolph               Hoagy’s Equality

Novice Rider II
Gold               Ava Stevens              Two Against The World
Silver              Harper Holland       Isabel
Bronze           Lola Schnepf Patras VR

Novice Open II
Gold               Slater Boos               Breaking the City
Silver              Hannah Fountain    JM’s Parade
Bronze           Abby Graham          Soul Power

Beginner Novice Open II
Gold               Carolyn Randolph               Nutmeg
Silver              Grace Silver                          May
Bronze           Savannah Spicer                  King Thou Art

Beginner Novice Rider II
Gold               Lydia Ellis                  Calvin
Silver              Maura O’Connor     Wonder Pony
Bronze           Sterling Danko         Silver Treasure