2024 Area 8 Young Rider Selection Procedures

2024 USEF Eventing Young Rider Championships
USEA Area Selectors & Selection Trials

Please list all Area Selectors and/or any individuals involved with the Area Selection process for the 2024 USEF Eventing Young Rider Championships.

The 2024S electors for Area 8 are:

  • Deborah Snyder (Area Chair)
  • Emily Watson
  • Erin Strader
  • Emily Beshear

Selection Trials/Tryout Events  

Area 8 does not have a mandatory outing.  Unfortunately, Area 8 does not offer an FEI Event in the spring months, so riders will need to travel to other areas if they intend to compete at Championships.

Many Area 8 Young Riders travel to Aiken, SC or Ocala, FL during the winter months.


  • Bouckaert Equestrian    March 8-10
  • Carolina International    March 13-17
  • Stable View                   April 5-7
  • Ocala Int’l                     April 18-21
  • Fair Hill                       April 19-20
  • Tryon                            May 8
  • Virginia HC Eventing    May 23-26

Please include the selection process and/or factors by which the USEA Area 8 will utilize in selecting their athletes for the nominated entry, definite entry and team versus individual spots.

Expectations from Athletes

Athletes are expected to comply with the United States Equestrian Federation Athlete Selection Procedures.

Athletes are members in good standing of Area 8 Young Riders.

Athletes must demonstrate active participation in Area 8 Clinics, Team Competitions and other activities such as fundraising.

Athletes are responsible for completing all entries to the FEI event(s) before the closing date for any Observation Trials and the Championships they plan to attend.  A complete entry includes but not limited to submission of all paperwork including FEI portal requirements, stabling requests, and paying all fees.

Athletes should document on their entry form and stabling that they are an “Area 8 YREC candidate”.  This will enable the organizer to plan ride times and stabling accordingly.

All Athletes representing the area are to be present at awards ceremonies and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. 

Athletes are responsible for keeping track of their Athlete/Horse qualifications and performance.

Selectors must sign USEF’s Conflict of Interest form so that everyone can be sure that no personal relationships are considered in the selection process.  Prior to submission of Definite Entries, Selectors as a group, will decide which riders will represent Area VIII in all divisions at YREC (providing there are more than six qualified in each division) and then will decide which riders will compete as individuals and which will be on the 4-person squad (again, providing there are more than 4 riders at either level). 

Following the First Horse Inspection, final adjustments may be made to the team(s)

Selectors may also disallow a rider who may be technically qualified but who they feel may not be truly ready for a championship level.

For their selection decisions, they will use competition records, any observations that they or any of the Candidate Observers have made at competitions throughout that season, and any feedback from the veterinarian regarding jogs at training sessions.

The Selectors may consult with the Area VIII Chef, Veterinarian, and local trainers/coaches of riders on a conference call.  Only the Selectors will make the final decision.  If there is a Selector with a conflict of interest with one of the possible riders, he/she will step down from the voting on that candidate.  If there is a tie, without the vote of the Selector in conflict, one of the local trainers will be asked to vote.

During the final Training Session, the selection of the four riders who will be on the 4-person squad and the 2 ranked individuals will be made and announced.  At any point between this announced selection and the official Team Declaration to officials at YREC, an individual can replace a squad member, if necessary, due to health/soundness or other issues. 

Conversations on a selection conference call are strictly confidential.  If this confidence is broken, the person responsible will be asked to step down from their position in Area VIII Young Riders.