Adult Team Challenge at the AEC’s

For the seventh consecutive year, the USEA Adult Team Championships (ATC) will return to the AEC. The ATC is for riders 25 years of age or older, competing at the Beginner Novice, Novice, Training, and Preliminary levels in the Rider and Amateur divisions at the AEC. Mixed Area teams are allowed and encouraged, but the ATC teams must attend their awards ceremonies to receive cash and prizes from the USEA ATC sponsors.

If you are a current Area 8 Adult Rider Program members (current members listed on the Area 8 website, and

  • Are entering an AEC RIDER or AMATEUR Division and would like to ride on an Adult Team Challenge (ATC) Team please email Shannon Risner at your INTENT to ride on a team BY Saturday, JULY 18th, 2023).    
  • Include your name (as registered with USEA), your horse’s name, and the level you are entering (ATC teams are made up of only RIDER and AMATEUR DIVISIONS!).
    • If you have not completed your qualifications yet, but intend to – list the qualification competition and date on your intent
  • Each Area is limited to 8 Teams total (ATC levels include BN, N ,T, P).
    •  your selection for a team is dependent upon you contacting Shannon Risner on your intent! The Adult Rider Program’s council will determine the selection process, should there be more entries than the allowed team spots. 



Adult Team Championships:

Provisional Schedule:

Area VIII Qualifications

  1. Area VIII is using the qualifications as stated for the national ATC.
  2. Rider must be a current member of their Area VIII Adult Rider Program by the ATC closing date.
  3. Look for information on the Area VIII website for Identify your intent to compete at the ATC. All teams must be coordinated through the Area VIII Adult Rider Coordinator.

USEA Adult Team Championships

August 29- September 3, 2023 • The Kentucky Horse Park

What you should know for the 2023 USEA Adult Team Championships

The 2021 USEA Adult Team Championships (ATC) will take place at the USEA American Eventing Championships presented by Nutrena Feeds (AEC) on August 29 – September 3 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. The USEA Adult Team Challenges have been held across the country for over 20 years. At first, the Adult Rider Program held three regional championships – East, West, and Central. In 2014, those three championships morphed into one as the USEA Board of Governors approved a new model to re-energize the Adult Rider Program. This year, the ATC team spirit will return to the AEC!

Who can compete at the 2023 ATC?

The Adult Team Championships are for adult riders who are current members of the USEA and must be 22 years of age or older. Riders must currently be enrolled in the USEA Adult Rider Program in their Area and entered in either the Amateur division or Rider division at the AEC. Click here to see the qualifications for the AEC Amateur and Rider divisions.

Four divisions are offered at the ATC: the Preliminary Team Championship, Training Team Championship, Novice Team Championship, and Beginner Novice Team Championship.

Each Area has different criteria for their team members and interested adult riders are encouraged to contact their Area Adult Rider Coordinator for team requirements. Click here to find a list of Area Adult Rider Coordinators.

How do you qualify for the 2021 ATC?

2023 USEA American Eventing Championships Qualifications

The USEA American Eventing Championship will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park and will be confined to qualified riders with qualified horses. The event will take place August 29 – September 3, 2023.

Qualifying Period: May 23, 2022 – August 15, 2023


All riders at ALL levels must be a current (Junior, Collegiate, Full, or Life) member at the time the qualifications are earned.

Horses at BN, N, and T must have at least a Limited Status registration and horses at Modified and higher must have a Full Status registration at the time qualifications are earned.

All qualifying results must be achieved at USEA/USEF recognized events. Results obtained from FEI recognized events are acceptable providing all other requirements have been met.

All qualifiers at all levels must be without cross-country jump penalties, including the completion requirements.

Both rider and horse at ALL levels must achieve the required qualifications for the division, although not necessarily as a horse/rider combination. The placing requirement (where applicable) must be achieved by the rider and the horse at the level intended for the AEC, although not necessarily as a horse/rider combination. Placing requirement earned through the USEA Amateur Upgrade Policy apply only toward the amateur divisions and the open modified division.

Check out the list of Qualified Riders and list of Qualified Horses. Both horse AND rider must be qualified for the AEC in order to compete and must still be eligible for the level of competition at which you qualified.

For more information, please check the AEC Qualifications or call the office at (703) 779-0440 at extension 3005 – Sharon Gallagher.

How are ATC teams formed?

Teams are specific to each level and each Area can have up to eight teams of four riders at the ATC. Mixed Area teams are allowed and encouraged, and all teams should be coordinated through the Area Adult Rider Coordinator.

The open and closing dates are consistent with the AEC. Entries opened on Tuesday, July 20 and will close on Tuesday, August 17. Competitors may enter via Xentry. Any and all paperwork must be submitted electronically, including updated waivers and Coggins. All payments must be made by credit card. Please direct any questions concerning entries or stabling to Anna Robinson at

When are the award ceremonies for ATC?

In addition to AEC division prizes, the ATC will have their own prizes, prize money, and awards ceremony for the top three teams at each level. The ATC awards ceremonies are built into the schedule after the Rider or Amateur divisions at each level – whichever one comes last.

The 2021 ATC will offer a range of prizes including $1,000 in prize money at each level! Please note ATC team competitors must attend their awards ceremonies to receive cash and prizes from the USEA ATC sponsors.

Will there be any adult rider parties during the AEC?

Come celebrate being back together at the AEC with drinks, dinner, and the beautiful historical backdrop of The Cove. This year the adult rider party will be held on Thursday, September 2 at 6:30 p.m. at The Cove (the same location as the 2019 Adult Rider Party at the AEC).  

The USEA looks forward to seeing everyone in Kentucky! Stay tuned to the USEA website for more event updates and details.

About the USEA Adult Team Championships

The USEA Adult Team Challenges have been generously sponsored by The Chronicle of the Horse for more than 20 years. The Challenges have given adult riders a chance to compete in a friendly team competition. For many years, the Challenges were held annually in different locations (Eastern, Central, and Western) around the United States, but in an effort to re-energize the program, the membership of the USEA voted to change the overall model of the program. Starting in 2014, every Area was encouraged to hold Adult Team Challenges to offer adult riders the opportunity to compete in team competitions leading up to the USEA Adult Team Championships held at the USEA American Eventing Championships. As a result, Adult Team Challenges were no longer isolated to the three challenges around the country. Instead, there may be as many as 10 opportunities to compete in a Challenge, with a final occurring at the Adult Team Championship at the AEC!

The USEA would like to thank the ATC sponsors Chronicle of the Horse, FITS, and SmartPak.

About the USEA American Eventing Championships

The USEA American Eventing Championships (AEC) presented by Nutrena Feeds is the pinnacle of the sport for the national levels. Held annually, the best junior, adult amateur, and professional competitors gather to vie for national championship titles at every level from Beginner Novice to Advanced. This ultimate test of horse and rider draws hundreds of horses and riders from around the country to compete for fabulous prizes, a piece of the substantial prize money, and the chance to be named the National Champion at their respective levels. In fact, the 2019 AEC garnered over 1,000 entries and took place with 925 starters, now standing as the largest eventing competition in North American history. The 2021 USEA American Eventing Championships presented by Nutrena Feeds will be held August 31 – September 5 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. Click here to learn more about the USEA American Eventing Championships.

The USEA would like to thank presenting sponsor Nutrena Feeds, Advanced Final Title sponsor, Adequan, Platinum level sponsor Bates Saddles, Gold level sponsors Parker Equine InsuranceSmartPakStandlee Hay, Silver level sponsors Auburn LaboratoriesMountain Horse, Park Equine, The Jockey Club, and Saratoga Horseworks. The USEA would like to thank all other sponsors supporting the 2021 AEC as well.