Meet The Young Riders Headed to Tryon!

This week is the Tryon International Horse Trial in Mill Spring, NC. Area 8 has the following riders representing us in the Young Riders Eventing Championships! Learn more about each rider below:

1* Isabella Novak / Deamliner
Zoe Hagedorn / Connery (aka Peter Pan)

2* Samantha Tinney / Glenbrook Cooley

3* Jordan Riske / Redemption Song
Samantha Tinney / Cutty Sark

Samantha Tinney

Hi my name is Samantha Tinney. I am 19 years old and I will be competing with Area 8 Young Riders at the YRC at Tryon in the 3*L and 2*L division. I will be competing Cutty Sark my Dutch warmblood gelding in the 3*L! I’ve been lucky enough to be partnered with him since the end of 2020! My second mount is Glenbrook Cooley, who also made an appearance at Nayc in 2019! She has competed extensively at the 3* level but we have chosen to drop her down to the 2*L for this weekend! I’ve been lucky enough to have and produce this horse since a 7 year old! Very excited for this week, hope to make everyone proud! 

Jordan Riske

Hi my name is Jordan Riske. I am 20 years old and I’m from Michigan. I will be competing with Area 8 Young Riders at the YRC at Tryon in the 3*L division. I will be competing my 10 year old, off the track thoroughbred mare Redemption Song. I’ve had her for 6 years and have train her up to this level. We are super excited to compete and can’t wait to get together with our team!
Photos are by Jj Sillman

Isabella Novak (or Izzie)

Hi, my name is Isabella Novak (or Izzie), I’m 16 and I am competing with my 11 year old Irish Sport Horse Dreamliner also known as Bubbles. I have been competing Bubbles for the past 3 years and earlier this year we both competed in our first prelim to help us qualify for the Tryon 1* team!

Zoe Hagedorn

Hi, my name is Zoe Hagedorn, and my horse is Connery (aka Petey). Petey is a 7-year-old imported Holsteiner whom I have had for almost 2 years now. This year our partnership has grown more than ever as we completed both our first training and modified together successfully. I hope to continue learning and moving up the levels with each other in the future. I can’t wait to represent the Area 8 young riders down in Tryon!