Congratulations to the Young Riders Rising Stars at the Midsouth Pony Club HT 2021

Young Riders provides educational opportunities that teach young eventers the skills they need to compete safely and effectively, as well as the techniques they must have to meet the challenges of moving to the upper levels of competition.

Lauren Yeagy/Sound Prospect                                     Gold
Hayden Wathen/Contestor                                           Silver
Blake Park/Sports Field Trendy Too Bronze           Bronze

Open Training 2
Adalee Ladwig/Diego                                                    Gold
Anabelle Friend/Fine With Me                                     Silver
Isabelle Brunker/Allia                                                    Bronze

Training Horse
Tate Northrop/Kadance van de Eikevelden          Gold

Training Rider 1
Arden McHugh-Braham/KS Priceless                        Gold
Lily Callahan/Royal Crest’s Granite Permission        Silver
Aubrey Whalen/Carolina Cricket                                 Bronze

Training Rider 2
Lauren Yeagy/Bacardi III                                                Gold
Meta Thurman/Primo D’Azur                                       Silver
Cecelia Jones/Mooney Maguire                                   Bronze

Novice Rider 1
Marin Swyers/Georgia’s Gold                                     Gold

Novice Rider 2
Aidan Goumas/Annapolis                                             Gold
Ava Stevens/Two Against the World                          Silver
Ruth Rosendaul/Master Piece Z                                  Bronze

Open Novice 1
Eva Taylor/Irish Rose                                                     Gold

Open Novice 2
Eva Mason/High Roller                                                  Gold
Audrey Cozzi/Valdour                                                     Silver

BN Rider 1
Larkyn Hendron/Sandy                                                   Gold
Piper Joseph/Niners Blaze                                              Silver

BN Rider 3
Kathryn Davis/Ravenclaw                                               Gold

Open BN 1
Zoe Copetas/Bolero                                                          Gold
Ashley Weimers/Lucy Sophia Diamond                        Silver
Autumn Kinman/Kinchman                                             Bronze

Open BN 2
Corrine Brunker/Joy Girl                                                    Gold
Olivia Lum/Longdan                                                          Silver

Open Starter 1
Sydney Ralston/Bolero                                                     Gold

Open Starter 2
Jordyn Dennis/Imagine That                                           Gold
Aparna Krishnan/Cazanova Red                                     Silver