Congratulations to the following Area 8 YR Rising Stars at IEA!

Young Riders provides educational opportunities that teach young eventers the skills they need to compete safely and effectively, as well as the techniques they must have to meet the challenges of moving to the upper levels of competition.

Modified HT
Laura Stepic                   El Rayito                            Gold

Open Training A
Kate Kirchdorfer           Galway Bay Cooley          Gold

Open Training B
Isabella Novak              Dreamliner                         Gold
Sarah Snowden            Appalachia                          Silver
Anabelle Friend            Fine With Me                     Bronze

Training 3 Day
Addison Neumeyer        Blaze                                  Gold
Sophie Coorrsen             Coolnaboy Rubens         Silver

Novice Junior
Zoe Hagedorn                Peter Pan                          Gold
Carmen Cunningham      Ima Rain Storm               Silver

Novice 3 Day
Hannah Tabor                 Tator Chip                          Gold
Eva Taylor                        Irish Rose                           Silver
Kelly Lawrence                Renos Nevada                  Bronze

Beginner Novice Junior A
Maisy Sullivan                  Karisma                              Gold

Beginner Novice Junior B
Kathryn Davis                  Ravenclaw                          Gold
Anna Gardone                 Boot Scoot ‘n Boogie       Silver

Open Starter C
Sydney Ralston              Boleo                                     Gold      
Kylee Redman                Mr. Duddles                          Silver
Addison Orengo             Special Effects                     Bronze