Winona Horse Trials Open for Entries

Winona Horse Trials | Hanoverton, Ohio (AREA 8)

Event Date: May 14 – 16, 2021 Open Date: Mar 30 Close Date: Apr 27

From Salem & SR 45: Go south on SR 9 for 6.3 miles turn left on Schneider Rd (only goes left) sign on telephone pole. East to Stone Gate Farm. The event entrance is at the bottom of the hill and stabling and parking is past the dressage rings and dome. Do not pull in on top by the houseFrom the South: Intersection of SR 9 & 172 go north on SR 9 for 1 mile to the first road. Schneider Rd. will only go to the right. Stone Gate Farm sign on telephone pole. Grounds 3/4 mile on the right side. Stabling drive is at the bottom of the hill past the house. Do not pull in on top by the house. PLEASE NOTE: The event entrance is at the bottom of the hill. Stabling and parking is past the dressage rings and dome. The Show Office will be under the pavilion overlooking show jumping. Directions, links to Google maps and more … Mapquest does NOT always send you the best way.

USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized: T,N,BN
USEF/USEA Recognized: P
USEA Recognized Tests: FEH-2,FEH-3,FEH-4,FEH-YEAR,NEH,Starter,YEH-4,YEH-5

Tentative Schedule:
NOTE SCHEDULE CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS YEARS Fri:10 AM; YEH/NEH APPROXIMATELY 10:00 AM; FEH Classes and Cross‑country course open 3 pm. Sat: ALL Dressage at 8 am (OP,OT,ON,BN, S) All Phases of Starter Test will run Saturday.The Starter schedule will be dependent on the number of entries, but riders will go from Show Jumping directly to Cross Country. Sun: Show Jumping and Cross‑country at 8:30 am (OP,OT,ON,BN) Riders will go directly from Show Jumping to Cross Country.

Starting Times:
Entry Status will be posted on line @ Please check to make sure entry is complete and correct. Anyi ncomplete entries will NOT be scheduled. Additionally, it is far easier to make division changes BEFORE scheduling. Ride Times and Stabling Assignments will be posted in Wednesday May 12th Event Officials TD: TBA Judges: Pres: Eileen Pritchard-Bryan, MD Dressage Judge: Janice Holmes, OH SJ Judge: Janice Holmes C.D. X-C: Jackie Smith, OH SJ: Leigh Fischer, NYEntry Information

Send Entries to:
All Entries, payment, coggins and forms are to be submitted electronically via XEntry ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT mail anything. Secretary PHONE: 724-544-7394 Please; no calls after 10:00 pm. E-MAIL: Preferred method of communication with Winona in the subject line to Any entries NOT complete by closing date will be assessed a $25 late fee. ENTRIES AFTER CLOSING DATE WILL BE ACCEPTED IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE AND ONLY IF SUBMITTED AND PAID FOR USING XENTRY! PLEASE CONTACT SECRETARY FIRST FOR AVAILABILITY. The 2021 On-line Stone Gate Farm Release Form is required of everyone coming to the farm. And Non-Competitors must fill out the USEF/USEA Waiver and e-mail to

Org: Jackie Smith, Stone Gate Farm, 31407 Schneider Road, Hanoverton, OH 44423, phone (330) 222‑2089,cell (330) 277-6964 Email: Web Page:, Face Book Page

Event Fees Directory: Via Xentry Only Entry: All entries include a $25 non-refundable office fee. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Entries submitted by April 13th are eligible for the ‘early bird’ discount-P/T: $155.00;N/BN:$145.00; Starter:$95.00YEH/NEH:$75;FEH:$35. Entries submittedafter April 13th and by April 27th P/T: $180.00;N/BN: $170.00; Starter: $120.00; YEH/NEH: $100; FEH: $45. Entries after April 27 will be accepted ONLY if there is space available (please check with secretary first) and MUST be entered and paid for via XEntry. P/T:$205.00;N/BN: $195.00;Starter$145.00; YEH/NEH: $125; FEH $55.00. Any entry that is NOT complete by closing date will be assessed a $25 late fee. Any changes after closing date will be assessed a $25 change fee. Any entry NOT COMPLETE by closing date will be assessed a $25 late fee Start times available online Wed May 12th by 2:00pm on website

Stabling: $75.00 weekend. Limited and fills up fast. Stabling will be on a ‘first come’ basis. If you want to be stabled with a group, please use ONE name for the group. Off grounds stabling is available, less than 10 miles away. Stalls must be STRIPPEDor you will be invoiced $25 via PayPal and future entries will not be accepted until paid. Stall Cleaning Service: $15/stall is available. Please make note on stabling form. Refunds: Before C.D.‑Less $25 non-refundable office fee After C.D.‑Entry less $25 ONLY if place filled from waiting list. On grounds stabling‑In full ONLY if place filled from wait list and if notified by May 12th. Competitors MUST notify secretary if scratching. No shows will be charged $25. Competition cancellation – none. USEA Starter/D&M Fees and COVID-19 Recovery Fee Refund Policy: The USEA Starter/D&M fees ($25) and the COVID-19 Recovery fee ($5), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.

BEFORE ENTERING please review the Guide for Entering Competitions at Stone Gate Farm and Notes from the Secretary. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE~NO PAPER ACCEPTED FOR A COMPLETE & CORRECT PAPERLESS ENTRY and SAFE CHECK-IN,follow this check list:

  • Electronic entry via Xentry ONLY including:
  • the correct division
  • Horse & Rider USEA numbers (not required for Starter but need to set up an account with eth USEA and get a horse ID number to access Xentry) USEF numbers for rider, owner, trainer for Prelim or pay $45 for a day pass.
  • An e-mail that is checked regularly by the competitor or parent
  • Online payment – no entries will be processed without payment.
  • Signed USEA & USEF forms with electronic signature. Must include rider, owner, trainer. The trainer is the person responsible for the care of the horse NOT the instructor. Minors must have a signature of parent or legal guardian.
  • Stone Gate Farm Release form with e-signature.
  • Current Coggins via the Stone Gate Farm Coggins Upload page. Only has to be submitted once per season unless it expires, then a new one must be uploaded.
  • Stabling Requests if applicable. If stabling with a groups, please use ONE name.An e-mail address that the is checked regularly.
  • Emergency contact information

Additional Entry Notes:

  • No entry will be processed without payment.
  • Entries may be limited.Levels may be divided/combined if entries warrant; state preferences under Eligible Section and birth date on entry.
  • T.I.P. entries must submit a copy of their T.I.P. card.
  • Any changes after CD will be charged $25.
  • Entry errors that are $25 or less will be considered contributions to the cross-country building fund.

Competitor Information

Prize & 8 ribbons per division. More may be added depending on Sponsorship. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor please contact us. T.I.P. Awards: for the top 2 placing TB’s for ALL levels (not each division) including Starter (must include a copy of their T.I.P. card with entry).

Stabling: ON GROUNDS STABLING FILLS UP FAST AND ARE ASSIGNED ON A ‘FIRST COME BASIS’ GET YOUR ENTRIES IN EARLY! $75.00 weekend.82 perm. stalls on grounds. Off grounds stabling 6 – 12 miles away. Stall gates on ALL stalls. NO INITIAL BEDDING PROVIDED. Bedding is available for purchase: Bagged shavings $7/bag and must be pre-ordered to guarantee availability by Tuesday May 11th. If you decide to order bedding after your entry has been submitted, contact secretary for PayPal instructions. Bedding will be in your stall upon arrival. PLEASE USE ONLY ONE NAME FOR “STABLE WITH”. On grounds stabling is NOT appropriate for stallions, contact secretary for options.

Veterinarian: Dr. David Smith (lives on grounds), (330) 424-2310. # posted at each barn & secretary’s office. Stall Cleaning Service $15/stall. Indicate on entry form. If stalls are not stripped, you will receive and $25 invoice via Pay Pal.

Ask for the Stone Gate Farm Rate. Days Inn (330) 420-0111 –Days Inn Holiday Inn Express, Salem 330-408-9119 –Holiday Inn NEWELY REOPENED ~ The Stables at the Timberlanes complex, Salem (234) 567-4671 – Stables Inn KOA SALEM/Lisbon – cabins to rent, reasonably priced and closest (330) 831-8628 – Older Hotels:—Barnett’s-8 mi., (330) 337-8758. Colonial-10 mi., (330) 537- 4469.(330) 332-0216. Capehart-12 mi., (330) 424-3413. Additional Lodging Options: air bnb and VRBO Google Map with Accommodations and Restaurants

Test & arena sizes:OP-2018 USEF Preliminary Test A-Sm. OT-2018 USEF Training Test A-Sm. ON-2018 USEF Novice Test A-Sm. BN-2018 USEF Beginner Novice Test A- Sm. 2Starter Test-2018 USEF Beginner Novice Test A- Sm. Arenas: Sand or limestone footing with sand warm up.Cross-Country:
OP-2800 m @ 520 mpm. OT-2500 m @ 425 mpm. ON-2000 m @ 350 mpm. BN-1700 m @ 325 mpm. Starter-Aproximately 1,200 at 300mpm. All courses: Average, for horses with some experience at this level. P, T, N -Good early season. BN-Inviting, good starter course, Fences approx. 2’7″, water optional. Starter Test-XC Fences Approximately 2′. Rolling terrain, slightly flatter track in the spring. Water,banks, and ditches at all levels except Starter. Course maps will be available on My Course Walk. Cross-country Course closed May 2nd.

Other Information:
Reminder: All USEF Life and Senior Active members, as well as participants who have regular contact with minor athletes, are required to comply with the U.S. Center for SafeSport training requirement, to be eligible to participate in the competition. All participants must adhere to the U.S. Center for SafeSport Code, USEF Safe Sport Policy, and the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies. More information about these can be found at Please read the USEF COVID-19 Action Plan to review these detailed and important requirements. We will be strictly following these guidelines as it pertains to spectators and additional people accompanying riders.ALL who enter the farm must have completed in advance a Stone Gate Farm Waiver Release of Liability. This includes your support team. If you feel sick or have been exposed, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE SHOW. Seek medical attention and follow the CDC guidelines for quarantine procedures. Stone Gate Farm will only open to competitors, their essential support person(s), staff, officials, ancillary people, and volunteers. If the USEF permits spectators, it will be updated in our event info on the Stone Gate Farm website. Cross-country Course closed May 2Riders will be responsible for making their own numbers. Medical armbands make good holders for dressage numbers. Click here for printable numbers. The 2′Starter Test does NOTrequire USEA/USEF Membership OR association fees, but riders and parents of minors will need to set up an account with the USEA and register horses to get a ‘restricted status’ All riders and horse must be members of the USEA in order to compete at the Beginner Novice level and above.. Volunteers are always welcomed. For more information and to sign go to the VIP Sign Up Link Entries may be limited. Levels may be divided/combined if entries warrant, state preferences under Eligible Section and birth date on entry. A food vendor will be on the grounds and the ‘dessert guy’ … the best desserts around!! Dogs must be leashed. If staying overnight horses must be stabled; NO tying to or leaving horses in trailers. PLEASE no foals. There is NO electric. Lights run off a generator and will be shut off at 11:00 pm. Camping is allowed but there is no electric. Unless absolutely necessary, generators must be turned off at midnight. PLEASE include a current e-mail address and check the website regularly for updates leading up to the event

Parking Notes: For those unfamiliar with the farm, please refer to the parking area map before coming. Parking can be very tight especially around the barns. Please listen to the parking attendant (aka farm owner, cross country jump builder, course and grounds maintenance etc, etc) as he knows how to best fit everyone in comfortably. He will even park your rig if your backing skills aren’t the best). Parking around the barns is ONLY for stabled horses. Tow vehicles must be parked in front of the trailer or in the car parking area. Please do NOT take up a trailer parking space. Motor homes that are NOT attached to a horse trailer will have to park in the day parking field. Trailers and official vehicles ONLY in the day trailer parking area. All cars and trucks not attached to a trailer must park in the designated car parking area.

USEF Notes: “Every class offered herein which is covered by the rules and specifications of the current USEF rulebook will be conducted and judged in accordance therewith” Life, senior active and junior active members shall be eligible to participate in all classes at Regular Competitions, Eventing Competitions at the Modified Level or above and Combined Driving Competitions at the Advanced Level, Dressage, Reining and Vaulting Competitions and Endurance Rides. A non-member may participate as a handler, rider, driver, owner, lessee, agent, coach or trainer at Regular Competitions, Eventing Competitions, Dressage Competitions, Reining Competitions and Combined Driving Competitions upon payment of a $45 Show Pass fee. Participants in the following classes are exempted from the Requirements of this rule: 1) leadline; 2) exhibitions; 3) games and races; 4) classes for 4-H members; 5) walk trot (exception: Friesian performance FR218) and academy classes (academy classes are classes limited to horses used regularly in a lesson program); 6) USDF introductory level tests, pas de deux and quadrille classes; 7) NRHA Endorsed Reining Competitions. 8) Opportunity classes, 9) citizens of other nations who have proof, in English, of current membership in good standing of their own National Federation, 10) USEA beginner novice division; and 11) assistant handlers in Dressage Sport Horse Breeding classes. EV114 Dress 1. PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR. a. At all levels of Eventing competition, from beginner novice through advanced, at Federation Endorsed competitions and recognized competitions, riders must wear headgear as follows, except as may otherwise be mandated by local law (see also GR801): b. Upon arrival, anyone riding a horse must wear properly fitting protective headgear which passes or surpasses ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)/SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) standards for equestrian use and carries the SEI tag. Harness must be secured and properly fitted. USEF Licensed Drivers on grounds/Golf Cart Rule Article GR1301.7
Minors who do not have a valid driver’s license which allows them to operate a motorized vehicle in the state in which they reside will not be permitted to operate a motorized vehicle of any kind, including, but not limited to, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, or farm utility vehicles, on the competition grounds of licensed competitions. Minors who have a valid temporary license may operate the above described motorized vehicles as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid driver’s license. The parent/legal guardian or individual who signs the entry blank as a parent or guardian of a minor operating a motorized vehicle in violation of this rule are solely responsible for any damages, claims, losses or actions resulting from that operation. Violations of this rule will be cause for penalties against those responsible for the child committing the offense. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices for individuals with disabilities are exempt from this rule. 8. The unsafe use of personal electronic transport devices, as determined by the competition officials and management in their sole discretion, that do not require a driver’s license to operate, including but not limited to Segways.