Octoberfest at Kentucky Horse Park – Open For Entries

Octoberfest Horse Trials, Combined Tests and Dressage show will have Starter through Novice Mini Trial divisions; Ground Poles through Intermediate Combined Test divisions and will offer Dressage % classes accepting Western and Gaited dressage tests as well as standard USDF and USEA tests.
This fall event is very beneficial for green and advanced horses and riders looking for an entry level competition or a good place to move up.

NEW CLASSES: We have added Ground Poles, Cross Rails, and Modified to our combined tests. We have also added Training/Novice to our mini trials.

NEW EVENTING DERBY! This is a fun class that will run after all mini-trial cross country is complete. (You may enter mini trial and Derby classes). It will consist of 5/6 stadium fences and then you proceed directly to a cross country portion of 6-8 obstacles and it may include water. Ribbons will be given for 1-10th place and will be available at the show office soon after the last person in the class finishes. May enter as a single entry or as pairs. The pairs class consists of two riders and they must change places as leader at least twice throughout the entire course . Pairs will also have the opportunity to jump the last two obstacles together and then will be judged on their uniformity as well as jump penalties.
Faults on Stadium fences: 4 for either refusal or knockdown.
Faults on Cross Country: 20
Time – Judged on closest to optimal time. If tied the closest under optimum time wins tie break.
Pairs Class: Time will start when the 2nd horse starts the course and finish when last horse crosses finish line. Pairs will be penalized 10 penalty points for each change of leader missed and all other penalties are same as individual rider.

Costume Contest! Judging will take place on Saturday and Sunday. All riders are eligible and you may wear a costume for dressage. Awards will be presented at the show office both days. Check show office for more information.

TEAMS! Put together a team at any level. You may make mini trial, combined test or dressage teams. Teams may be 3 or 4 riders. If 4 riders 1 will be a drop score. Your dressage team may be a combination of riders of different tests. Sign up at show office. Fee is $30 per team payable when you sign up.

All dressage and stadium will take place on Saturday with cross country on Sunday. Cross country schooling on Sunday after the completion of cross country and eventing derby weather and time permitting. Check our Facebook page on Friday the week of the show or at the show office for schooling information.

We are a TIP registered show. Include your horse’s TIP number under special instructions.

Always looking for cheery volunteers to help before and during the competition. If interested contact Maggie Wright at: maggiewright1@windstream.net.

All entries online only at Blue Horse. If you have previously submitted an entry through Blue Horse just update your information (MAKE SURE YOUR COGGINS ATTACHED IS CURRENT) and you are ready to begin your entry. If you are new to Blue Horse you will need to create a rider account. If you are parent or guardian for a rider under 18 you will need to create an account for yourself and then add your rider (Be sure to use your rider’s age for your birthdate). If you need assistance submitting your entry email: ridewithus@bluehorseentries.com