Adult Rider Program

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The USEA Adult Rider Program is for all adults, age 22 years and older, professional or amateur. It is about including adults across all skill and experience levels, in a supportive program that promotes education, communication, recognition and just plain fun. Adult Rider programs promote good sportsmanship and horsemanship, fun and safety for all levels of riding. Come join the fun and learn about what your Adult Rider program offers you.

MISSION STATEMENT: To increase adult rider participation in eventing by providing education and recognition and offering communication and camaraderie.

 Clinic HERE for a current list of Area 8 Adult Rider Members -- membership dues are $25.00 per year and are paid online through USEA by logging onto membership services at (you can join each year when you renew your USEA membership)




Now using Constant Contact for email updates! IF YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING EMAILS FROM THE ADULT RIDER PROGRAM PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER- most recent Area 8 AR email was sent on January 28, 2014 at 10:15 am - Please verify that your email address with USEA is current, log on to your account with USEA at


AREA VIII ADULT RIDER COORDINATOR: Shannon Risner, 879 Murle Lane,  Loveland, OH, 45140; cell phone: (513) 284-6522 ; or

Adult Rider CouncilSue Aeck (MI), Marianne deBarbidillo (WV), Kyle Smith (OH), Alex Hauptmann (PA), Sally Holman (IN), Lisa Thomas (KY)



 STABLE AT HORSE TRIALS WITH ADULT RIDERS: List stabling group as "Area 8 Adult Riders" on stabling form

Adult Rider Socials looking for VOLUNTEERS to host Socials at every horse trial in Area 8, please let me know if you can help out!  Socials take place on the Saturday evening of the show.  Look for a sign listing the time and location near the show's scoreboard.




The AR Program promotes the use of USEA ICP Certified Instructors for Educational Activities. For a list of ICP Instructors in your area go to


KHP Schooling Days lessons with Cathy Wieschhoff

Sept. 6th - Cathy Wieschhoff - Entry Form



2014 Adult Rider Program Sponsored Clinic (click on for Entry Form)

March 22 - 23 - Nadeem Noon – Chatham Farm - Goshen, OH


April 12 - 13 – Diana Rich at Alta Vista Farm/Flying Cross Farm - (clinic is full)


June 7 - 8 – Nadeem Noon at Twin Towers Park (Fairborn, OH) - CLINIC IS FULL

             - if you would like to be wait listed email:

                               USEA Release Form (send with entry) 


July 26 - 27 -- Robin Walker at South Farm (Middlefield, OH) - CLINIC IS FULL WITH WAITING LIST


                               USEA Release Form (send with entry)

                              South Farm Release Form (send with entry) 






$15.00 Adult Rider Educational Coupon  - one per AR member per year

Adult Rider 2014 Educational Coupon-click here

Only USEA approved clinics are eligible for the Adult Rider Coupon, a list of USEA approved clinics can be found at -- it is the discretion of the clinic organizer to allow the coupon to be used. Please check with the organizer prior to sending in your entry to see if they will honor the coupon.  If the organizer has any questions please put them in touch with Shannon Risner at





 Instructor Certification Program (ICP) Grants

The Area VIII Adult Rider Program are sponsors a $500 Grant towards ICP Assesment. These Grants are being offered to Area VIII trainers wishing to gain ICP certification. For more information on the ICP  can be found at

Please contact Shannon Risner if you are going through the ICP Program and are interested in applying for the Area 8 Cindy Burge ICP Grant.

Congratulations to Julie McElhaney and Melissa Miller, the 2011 Area 8 ICP Grant recipients! 

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